Thursday, February 26, 2009

HBDirect Jazz Sale Ends in Two Days!

Last Call For the February Jazz Sale!
The HBDirect February jazz sale will end on Saturday at Midnight! These few days are your last chance to get discounts up to 30% on the complete catalogs of five labels. Click the logos below to browse the bargains!

Duke Ellington & Mahalia Jackson $15.99 $11.99Ellington/Jackson
"...Ellington's most moving, wrenching pieces of work, and music that, had it been better known, might also have done more to raise people's consciousness about civil rights than a hundred folk songs of the period... There's not a note of music that isn't worth hearing anywhere on the CD, and the album is a welcome restoration to the catalog.” -All Music Guide
New Releases You Won't Want To Miss!
The Best of Bill Frisell, Vol. 1: Folk Songs
Charlie Christian: On the Air
Click Here for Rare Jazz Reissues on Disconforme

New From Trumpeter Jon Hassell $18.98 $13.48ECM: Hassell
"Hassell may not be as well-known, say, as Miles Davis, but amongst a broadening group of musicians and listeners, it's become clear that his influence may well be no less pervasive - just, perhaps, more understated and subversive... Few have created as complete a sound world, as integrated a musical conception so instantly recognizable, as Hassell” -All About Jazz
The Newest From ECM
Keith Jarrett/Gary Peacock/Jack DeJohnette: Yesterdays
Enrico Rava: New York Days
Arve Henriksen: Cartography

Uri Gurvich: The Story Teller $17.99 $13.99TZA: Gurvich
"The Storyteller is a wondrous recording. It showcases Gurvich's deep love of progressive jazz as it weds itself to his knowledge and deep respect for the folk music traditions of Israel, Yemen, North Africa, and Eastern Europe... Gurvich may not be such a well-known name now, but based on what's here, that's about to change." -All Music Guide
More New Releases on Tzadik
Guy Klucevsek: Dancing On The Volcano
Borah Bergman Trio: Luminescence
John Zorn: The Crucible

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