Thursday, November 6, 2008

Six Labels On Sale This Month!

The HBDirect November Jazz Sale
For a limited time you can get Stan Getz's rare London performances from 1964 and save 20%! In addition to select new releases, you'll find discounts on the complete catalogs from the six labels listed below!

Getz You Gotta Get $17.99 $13.99CLE: Getz
"Getz, the perennial cool customer, free of the limitations a recording session might possibly impose, plays on this session like a man possessed... This recording is sheer delight from beginning to end."
More New Releases Not to be Missed!
Sonny Rollins: Road Shows Vol. 1
Woody Herman: Complete Capitol Sessions
Nina Simone: Black Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair

Ellington Live in '63 & '64 $16.99 $12.99
2 CDs! - A Big Band in London & A Trio in New YorkNIM: Duke
"This double album is valuable not only because it is by Duke Ellington (dare I say that all his albums are valuable?) but also because it shows two sides of the man: the bandleader and the pianist. He was brilliant and ground-breaking in both roles."
Upcoming Releases on Nimbus
Benny Goodman: Yale University Archives Vol. 1
Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra: The Village Vanguard
Benny Carter: Elegy In Blue

Dolphy At The Five Spot $12.98 $8.98
"With the always stunning shadings of pianist Mal Waldron, the classical-cum- daring bass playing of Richard Davis, and the colorful drumming of alchemistic Ed Blackwell, there was no stopping this group... All forward thinking and challenged listeners need to own these epic club dates." -All Music Guide
More Reissues from Fantasy
John Coltrane: Black Pearls
Burrell/Hawkins: Bluesy Burrell
Joe Boogaloo Jones: Right On Brothers

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