Thursday, June 5, 2008

Benoit, Corea, Hot Club & More - On Sale For June!

Seven Labels On Sale For June
This month we have an amazing variety of music on sale! From Dutton and Arbors reissues, to the hottest artists on Concord there's something for every jazz lover. And for those interested in the roots of it all, you'll find savings on Putumayo and Ocora. Click the logos below to see each label's complete catalog!

David Benoit's HeroesCNC: Benoit
Discover Benoit's roots with a self-produced, 11-track collection that features his Steinway piano surrounded by the engaging ensemble work of his regular touring band. "The process of choosing the songs, arranging them and recording the music on Heroes, gave me a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to artists like these who engaged my musical sensibilities throughout the years." -Benoit
McPartland, Corea, Burton and More on Concord
David Sanchez: Cultural Survival
Marian McPartland: Twilight World
Chick Corea/Gary Burton: New Crystal Silence
Return To Forever: The Anthology

An African Anniversary PartyPUT: African Party
As part of its anniversary celebration, Putumayo's African Party represents a return to the label's original sound. With Sekouba Bambino, Macire Sylla and Oliver Mtukudzi, the compilation primarily features seasoned pros from all across Africa.

New Compilations From
Putumayo Presents: Quebec
Putamayo Presents: Cafe Cubano
Putumayo Presents: Euro Groove
Putumayo Presents: Tango Around the World

From Hot Club de NorvègeHCRS: Gloomy
Hot Club de Norvège's 1984 recording, Gloomy is a tribute to film noir, Parisian detective novels and Django. It is considered by many to be veteran violinist Ivar Brodahl's (1928-2003) best recording. Today, a quarter of a century later, Hot Club de Norvège is hotter than ever, and touring world wide like never before.
More Hot Swing From Hot Club Records
Hot Club De Norvege: Swing De Paris
Chriss Campion: Souvenirs
Denis Chang: Nature Boy

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