Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April Sale Ends Tomorrow

April Sale Ends Tomorrow
The H&B April sale will end tomorrow at Midnight! This is your last chance to get great discounts on these six fine labels. Click the logos below for complete a listing for each label.

Bill Stewart's IncandescencePIRU: Stewart
"It's not just the instrumentation or the towering skills of each member that makes Incandescence glow, but it's also Stewart's oft-times idiosyncratic and refreshing compositions... What an enjoyable and different ride, Incandescence turns out to be." -AllAboutJazz.com

More From Pirouet

John Ruocco: Am I Asking Too Much?
Jason Seizer: Time Being
Walter Lang: Ashiya
Marc Copland: New York Trio, Vol. 2

Verve Gets Getz, Live In 1959VRV: Getz
"On the opening Chocolate Sunday... Getz follows Peterson's and Mulligan's animated solos by practically eschewing technique altogether in favor of pure emotional expression. It's an instance of the utmost restraint resulting in playing of unrestrained feeling... an honest cry from the heart - elemental yet penetrating lyric poetry." -AllAboutJazz.com
Ramsey Lewis, Roy Ayers and Chet Baker on Verve
Ramsey Lewis Trio: Live At The Bohemian Caverns
Roy Ayers: Ubiquity Vibrations
Chet Baker: In Paris - 1955-1956 Barclay Recordings
Cleo Brown: Recordings From 1953DOC: Cleo
After building a reputation for herself as a powerhouse stride pianist throughout the 40s and early 50s, Cleo Brown retired from music to pursue a career as a nurse. She was so adored on the boogie scene that when Fats Waller died, his band wanted Cleo to fill his big shoes.

New Releases From Document
Golden Gate Orchestra: Crazy Words, Crazy Tune
Harry Reser: Trainnin the Fingers

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